Strawberry Lime Soda aka Magic Potion



IMG_1300 IMG_1299



I love to make this, in flavoured soda of your choice you can add ice cubes of any flavour, I have tried 3 flavours in one and just one flavour as well. I love it, you can also make it an interesting cocktail by just adding vodka or rum.


  • Lemon Soda – 1 litre
  • Strawberry cubes – 1 tray
  • Lemon cubes – 1 tray


  • Just pour everything in a jar, shake and serve

Yes I know people might wonder why I am adding such a simple, no brainer recipe on my blog. But till I didn’t read about the flavoured ice cubes, I never tried it. So this is for all those people who have never thought of the idea!

You can go wild with your ideas like me. Some favourite ice cubes:

  • Coffee Ice  – just amazing with Baileys or even cold coffee
  • Strawberry Crush Ice
  • Lemon Ice – Just add a small piece of lemon to every cube in the ice tray and freeze
  • Tang Ice
  • Cucumber Ice – Very refereshing

Try on and share some ideas with me too 🙂




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